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SPOTLIGHT on…Victoria

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SPOTLIGHT on…Victoria

Name: Victoria (AKA Lady V)

Role: Marketing, Account + Product Manager (something for everyone in there!)

Hobbies and passions:

Anything outdoors. I love a good hike on the coast, swimming in the sea, or climbing a mountain – preferably with my little spaniel by my side. Always up for a challenge, and have completed quite a few half, full, and ultra marathons – always swear ‘never again’…and then sign up for the next thing!

Favourite books, movies, or TV shows:

I am obsessed with fly on the wall medical documentaries, and never fail to be amazed by what surgeons are able to do – I wish I wasn’t so squeamish or I’d have loved to have gone into medicine.

Ultimate meal: Toad in the Hole, or a massive pie (with pastry on the bottom as well as the top, or it’s not proper pie.)

Which book do you wish you’d read but haven’t (yet)? Anna Karenina – I’m both intrigued and intimidated.

Which words or phrases do you overuse: “I’m hungry.”

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A plumber, then a pharmacist, then an airline pilot. I clearly had a thing for careers beginning with a ‘p’?!