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AwardStage; more than just ‘what it says on the tin’!

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AwardStage; more than just ‘what it says on the tin’!

At AwardStage, our primary use case would, at first glance, appear to be in the management of ‘traditional’ awards. Anything from ‘Mining Company of the Year’ to ‘Best Film Soundtrack’, and that’s certainly how we started life, many moons ago. But our remit has grown and grown, and we now find ourselves with clients using the platform for all manner of things – and hugely successfully, too!

Grants management

Applicants can quickly and easily apply for grants online by completing and submitting an application form, before you put it to your panel of evaluators. We know that evaluators can be under time pressure, so we have worked hard to develop a reviewing system that’s intuitive, and fuss-free. All of these features mean you can be confident in the knowledge that grants are being awarded to those who are truly deserving.

Competitions and contests

Entering a competition or contest is, in many ways, similar to the traditional awards entry process – although many will involve the submission of more documentation, or media uploads than usual. AwardStage uses scalable, enterprise grade AWS hosting to ensure that all entry information can be uploaded, stored, and reviewed securely and swiftly. Your judges can access all the information they need, to make informed scoring decisions, at the click of a button and directly within the browser.

Employee recognition

We’ve seen an upward trend in this realm, with more organisations looking to highlight the shining stars that work for them. Whether by self or third party nomination, your bespoke AwardStage submission form can ensure you ask the right questions, and give applicants the best opportunity to show why they are worthy of an award. In terms of evaluating nominations, our judging platform is designed to make the process as smooth as possible, making it a doddle for judges to view the detail and decide on who they think should be held up as model employees.

So, while we will always ‘do what we say on the tin’, we are by no means restricted to it! We’re super proud to have a platform that can perform brilliantly in all manner of scenarios. Got something you want to run by us? Then give us a shout.