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From mongrels to mullets: the wonderful world of awards

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From mongrels to mullets: the wonderful world of awards

Main image: He Huapei/Dog Photography awards

When it comes to awards, Team AwardStage likes to think we know a thing or two. From weighty to witty, international to extremely niche…one of our favourite things about what we do is the sheer variety of what’s on offer – there really is an award for everything!

And, while we’re the first to acknowledge the serious side of recognition programmes – you will frequently find us holding forth on why we think awards are so important – we also love to seek out the wonderful, whimsical, and sometimes downright wacky ones that make the world of awards so special. Here are just a few of our faves:

National Burger Awards
It’s no secret in the office that Team AwardStage is fond of our food, so we were thrilled to discover the existence of the National Burger Awards. And we were even happier to find out that the winner is a boutique burger chain in London – we’ll be booking a table for our next team building session!

Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year
Originally dreamed up as a fun diversion at the Frankfurt book fair in 1978, this award is now voted for by the public on The Bookseller website. It’s introduced us to classics like Highlights in the History of Concrete, How to Bombproof your Horse, and this year’s winner, Danger Sound Klaxon! The Horn That Changed History.

Dog Photography Awards
With so many dog owners in our midst at work, we’re big fans of our canine friends – so it’s no surprise that there was a collective ‘aww’ when we scrolled through the winners of these awards. Who can resist a picture of a cute pooch?

Photograph: AlastairBush/BNPS

Mullet of the Year
Certain members of Team AwardStage are of an age to remember mullets from the first time round (we’re talking about the 1980s here, not ancient Greece where apparently they were also popular). So Mulletfest – an annual competition held in the small Australian town of Kurri Kurri – has brought some ‘interesting’ memories flooding back. The latest winner is a GP from Dorset, so it’s bonzer to see a Brit flying the flag down under – even if it is for a questionable hair do!