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A swish new look for AwardStage judges

We promised that it was on the voilà! The newly revamped judges user interface is now live! NewJudgeDashboard_imac As you can see, we've implemented the same clean look and feel as the recently relaunched entrant UI; the dashboard gives a clear view of how far into the judging period you are, the total number of entries allocated, alongside a handy progress bar. No more excuses not to finish that scoring on time...!! NewJudge_entryview_desktop We understand that judges are often in roles that take up a massive proportion of their time and, as such, agreeing to score award entries is not something to be taken lightly. That's why we've made a concerted effort to ensure the AwardStage judging process is as quick and straightforward as possible. As you'd expect, this includes ensuring the platform displays beautifully on all devices from desktop to mobile.

NewJudge_ipad_mocjup_smaller We hope you like what we've done and, as ever, would love to hear your feedback (and that of your judges, of course!)

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