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If you didn’t video it, it didn’t happen.

Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but it’s getting pretty hard to overstate the importance and relevance of video online these days. Without wishing to get too ensnared in emerging statistics, it seems safe (and proven) to say that video constitutes somewhere between 70% and 80% of all web traffic, and that video production and consumption is growing exponentially at the moment.

No mad skills required

The great thing about video, here in 2017, is that anyone can do it. The barriers to entry that once existed have all but been removed. Even ‘mad production skills’ - while hugely beneficial - aren’t essential. Unless you’re an expert in the art of self sabotage, there’s only so bad that your video can be in terms of quality. As long as you plan well, shoot away from excessive ambient noise and in good lighting conditions, you’ll be on the front foot, and likely to do more good than harm.

Why bother?

So why bother? Just because you can, does that mean you should? Well yes. Video makes it easier to build engagement, while providing a sense of authenticity and transparency that no other recorded media can achieve. Furthermore, if you’re not doing it, but your competitors are, that not only places you at the back of the pack, but it also opens up an increasing gap as you fall further behind. Not good!

Who’s the star?

Shy? You may or may not need to star in your video, depending on the subject matter. If you’re putting yourself forward for young entrepreneur of the year, or similar, then yes, you’ll likely need to shed your inhibitions and play the leading role. However, for many of our awards clients, a human protagonist is not required. It’s the product, service or art that’s the star.

Beware the spinning wheel of doom!

Traditionally, many online platforms have imposed arbitrary (or real) limits on file upload sizes. However, in this day and age, in the ‘Netflix ‘n chill’ era, this isn’t really necessary. We know that the internet can ‘do’ video. AwardStage for example, does not impose a maximum file size, has the tools to make the upload process as quick as possible, and streams video back in a range of resolutions. Unless you have a dodgy internet connection, you won’t be confronted with the spinning wheel of doom while uploading, nor the big bad buffering cyclone, while streaming.

Everyone’s a winner

Here at AwardStage, we often talk about the triumvirate of awards participants - the entrants, the judges and the awards directors - and video is one of those features that makes the awards process more engaging for all three. Entrants get the opportunity to showcase their products, services or talents with the full benefits that the world of cinematography affords. Judges have a much more entertaining time reviewing submissions (instead of having to endure a staid and static batch of entries), and awards managers get to sleep soundly in the knowledge that their entrants and judges are actually enjoying the process. If you’d like to know more about AwardStage or how our platform handles video, get in touch, we’d love to give you a demo.

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