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Happy judges, happy life!

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Happy judges, happy life!

Image above shows one of the 2022 Creative Circle Awards Gold juries who met this month. The Creative Circle Awards were founded in 1945, and celebrate the best creative work in marketing communications. AwardStage has provided their awards management system for nearly ten years, with their judges rating us an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars for the user friendliness of our platform 🙌

As a discerning awards manager, you will no doubt be inviting your industry’s most respected thought leaders, and most experienced practitioners, to judge your awards.

These are busy people at the top of their game. You may only get one chance to have them on your team. So do you want to email them a haphazard bundle of submissions and supporting materials?

Or would you (they!) prefer them to simply log in to an online system (wherever they are, whatever device they’re on), to view entries via a clean and intuitive platform? From there, it’s just a case of view, score, swipe, repeat, while being wowed by the effortlessness of it all.

We’ve put together this handy list of how things should be done, to ensure your judges have the best experience possible.

If you’d like a chat about making your awards programme fly, then pop us a message, or book a 30 minute demonstration – we’d love to talk to you, and prove why it could be the best thing you ever did!