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Cool features for hot(ish) days 🌞

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Cool features for hot(ish) days 🌞

Here in the UK, we are at the height of what should be summer. For those of you familiar with our climate, you’ll know it can be temperamental; essentially we Brits complained about how hot it was a few weeks ago, and we are now being ‘rewarded’ with what feels like the return of autumn! But the sun will be back, we have faith!

We thought it would be a nice idea to put together a list of what we deem to be AwardStage’s coolest features, and it worked nicely with our working title of ‘for hot days’! So let’s crack on…

And the winner is…

It’s never been easier to get to the bottom of who’s at the top. From your ‘Categories’ page, simply select to ‘view results’ and voila! The top three highest scorers will appear before you (along with the rest of the entry scores in that category too).

Let your judges speak their mind

Sometimes a number doesn’t say enough, and you’d like to give your judges the opportunity to back up their scores. Choose to invite general comments and/or scoring criteria comments – either way, it’s super simple for your judges to speak their mind, and you also have the ability to share that information with the entrant, if and when you’d like to.

Get the lowdown on your site stats

Did you know, we put some Google Analytics tracking code on every AwardStage entry site? You can access a wealth of stats directly from your admin dashboard, including where your entrants have been directed from. Already got your own Google account and want to see the whole shebang? Simply generate your own piece of tracking code, and pop it in the ‘Analytics’ section of your AwardStage site – that way, you’ll be able to see it all directly from your GA account.

Build your own home, just the way you want it

Now’s the time to show off as much or as little as you like. Whether you choose to implement a standalone single page, or an all guns blazing full site with buckets of information, our integrated website builder has got you covered. Using a simple drag-and-drop system, we provide you with a range of predefined templates to choose from. Or, go rogue, and do things your own way – we’ve got an impressive library of elements for you to choose from, to get just the look you’re after.

Got something in mind?

Of course, we can’t list everything here, and the best way to get a feel for AwardStage is to book a short demonstration with one of the team. It’s a great opportunity to see the platform as an administrator, an entrant and a judge – and, of course, to ask all the questions you’re bound to have about running a successful awards programme online. We’d love to chat to you!