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Writing an award-winning entry; our top tips!

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Writing an award-winning entry; our top tips!

We’ve seen many thousands of awards entries pour into our system, and spoken to a multitude of awards directors…we’ve put our heads together, combined the knowledge we’ve gained of what makes a stand-out (and terrible!) awards entry, and put this handy guide together for all you hopefuls out there!


Seriously, take your time. Most people leave it right until the last minute to prepare their submissions. That does not bode well. Instead, start early and nurture your entry over time. Save it periodically, and come back to it when you’re ready. You’ll end up with something that exudes a sense of the care and attention that was invested in it.

Be creative and original. No doubt you feel you’ve already done that, in order to be entering your subject matter for an award. But, even if the subject of your entry is original, are you describing it in creative and colourful language, and in a way that does it justice? Creativity is unlearned over time, so put yourself in a position whereby you can discard ‘conventional wisdom’ and tear up the so-called rule book. Be daring.

In general, judges have a high workload doing their day jobs, and time is scarce. Get to the point quickly. If you take on board the previous point about creativity, you’ll find new ways to focus in on the essence of your submission, fast.

With impact
Consider using video to help create impact. Take advantage of the fast upload process and the unlimited file sizes, and add a video – such as a showcase or explainer – to your submission. You’re much more likely to be remembered.

With help!
These days, anyone can be an author. Anyone can publish content. However, we’re not all gifted with that je ne sais quoi that adds a touch of magic to the writing process. Have no fear, there are professional awards submissions experts out there, with proven track records, who will be happy to help.

Answer the question as set
Yes, that favourite mantra from school days. Read the entry form carefully, check any guidance notes or field help, and ensure you’re really answering the question. It’s amazing how many entrants repeat or omit information from fields. No schoolboy/girl errors please!

Target the right category
Most awards have an array of categories to choose from. Avoid the scattergun approach, and spend your time targeting only those that align with the strengths of your subject matter.
It may be super-simple to clone an entry and enter it into a different category using AwardStage, but be sure to focus your efforts wisely.
Don’t be afraid to ask the awards administrator for guidance, either. They’re a friendly bunch and, if they’re using AwardStage, they’ll be spending less time on tedious routine admin, and have more time to spend chatting directly with entrants!